July 2017

Monthly Atmomatix Showcase on Future Sounds Radio

Hello hello, After looking for a right spot we’ve finally finalised our own radioshow.This will be a monthly thing which started this week with our first showcase.The whole show will be hosted by Hidden Wave and we also will invite… Continue Reading →

ATMAT060 – Critical Event & Friends – Delirium EP (14/08/17)

It’s been a while since our last release and we’re back with label boss Critical Event! Over the past few months he’s been busy in the studio finishing off a number of collaborations with some amazing underrated artists and here… Continue Reading →

ATMAT059 – AudioSketch – Odyssey EP (24/04/17)

ATMAT059 – AudioSketch – Odyssey EP (24/04/17) A/ Odyssey B/ Whiplash We’re welcoming back AudioSketch with his debut EP ‘Odyssey’ on the label. If you talk about a under rated producer,he’s def one of them. Once again he proves himself… Continue Reading →

ATMAT057 – Various Artists – Empty Heart EP (17/04/2017)

ATMAT057 – Various Artists – Empty Heart EP 1/ AudioSketch – Illusions 2/Revolutionist – Empty Heart 3/ Aardonyx – Hologram 4/ Critical Event – Holding On To U With the next release Atmomatix managed to find some new blood. First… Continue Reading →

ATMAT053 – Revolutionist – Lost in Time EP (OUT NOW)

ATMAT053 – Revolutionist – Lost in Time EP (OUT NOW) And again we’re welcoming an new up&coming producer.Revolutionist is a producer hailing from Portugal and is a member of the counter point movement. His debut EP features 3 really deep… Continue Reading →

ATMAT052 – Sirka – Modern Jazz EP (OUT NOW)

ATMAT052 – Sirka – Modern Jazz EP (OUT NOW) This young newcomer hailing from South Africa under the name Sirka delivered us 2 smooth wonderful liquid tracks. First track is named “Modern Jazz”,and as the name gives away,it’s a jazzy… Continue Reading →

ATMAT055 – Various Artists – Galaxy EP (Out Now)

With another release,another batch of new artists on the label. First track is LA based Alexvnder,who has recently caught the eye from several releases with his deep melodic vibes.He’s making his debut on our label with his track ‘Galaxy’.This track… Continue Reading →

INABA002- Inkeri – Frontline EP

NABA002- Inkeri – Frontline EP Inkeri & Kelayx – Frontliner Inkeri & Ultra – Lock On For our next Inaba Audio release we got some new blood.Inkeri gives us a 2 tracker. The first one ‘Frontline’ is with Kelayx,who’s the… Continue Reading →

INABA001 – HumaNature – Medicine Man / Pixel – In My Mind

INABA001 – HumaNature – Medicine Man / Pixel – In My Mind With this first release on Inaba Audio,which is a sister label from Atmomatix Records,we bring in 2 young known producers who had established themselves the past 2 years… Continue Reading →

ATMAT049 – Fishy – Strawberry EP (Out Now)

The re-released EP from Fishy is out since yesterday folks!The previous release had a track which was cut off halfway the tune.So we decided to remove the release everywhere and have it back out with the proper versions. Fishy from Norway has… Continue Reading →

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