Label stalwart HumaNature sees 2 of his tracks remixed for our debut 12”.

Stripped back to that infectious groove which he is renowned for, Zero T delivers a funk laden remix. Eyes down business.

Rising liquid starlet SATL takes HumaNature & Critical Event’s ‘Untold Stories’ already serious supply of funk and doubles the dose. Stripping the track back to its core, SATL provides one of the grooviest basslines this side of 170bpm. Shimmering synths, old- school cymbals and a growling midrange keep the funk flowing to this irresistibly head nodding beat.

HumaNature rounds off the three tracks with the aptly titled ‘Cosmos’. Ethereal synths soar playfully above a soothing Rhodes melody, whilst thumping off-kilter kicks drive the track forwards with hypnotic purpose.